The big change Ben Affleck wants for the Batman movie
Jeremy Morrow - 8 hours ago
Affleck's is simply comfort, and it is highly likely that his wish will be granted. Affleck will be the first actor to write, direct and play the lead role in a Batman movie.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorce truce
Tyler Henderson - Jan 11, 2017
Hiring a private judge is a very expensive undertaking that most people cannot afford, but it secures their privacy of the divorce documents, children, and details of the settlement.
Solange advises women to begin owning their talents
Vicky Webb - Jan 10, 2017
Solange spoke to Interview magazine about coming into her own and feeling comfortable with being successful.
Meryl Streep attacks Trump at Golden Globe ceremony
Josh Curlee - Jan 10, 2017
At the recent Golden Globe awards, Meryl Streep took the stage to accept her award and instead decided to rant about Trump.
Halsey opens up about endometriosis treatments
Jason Spencer - Jan 07, 2017
In 2016, Halsey revealed to Rolling Stone that she had suffered a miscarriage while she was on tour in 2015.
Brock Lesner banned for one year for failing drug test
Jason Spencer - Jan 06, 2017
He has therefore been banned for one year and fined a quarter of a million dollars.
January Jones opens up about being a single mom
Harry Marcolis - Jan 05, 2017
Actress, January Jones, spoke with Red magazine about enjoying life as a single mother
Carrie Fisher helped Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds fix their iconic friendship
Jose Jefferies - Jan 04, 2017
Carrie Fisher helped Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds re-cement their friendship
Jolie releases final court filing before agreeing to seal records
Vicky Webb - Jan 04, 2017
Angelina Jolie criticized Brad Pitt in her most recent divorce court filing.
New Thor movie to feature Hulk, but not as an extension of Bruce Banner
Harry Marcolis - Jan 03, 2017
Rumor has it that Thor's half-brother Loki kidnaped Hulk.
Taylor Swifts ex-boyfriend arrested in bar brawl
Tracy Williams - Dec 30, 2016
John Conor Kennedy, who is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy was arrested following a fight outside a nightclub in Aspen.
Michael Sheen has plans to be more politically active
Adam Widmer - Dec 19, 2016
Welsh actor, Michael Sheen, announced plans to focus on political activism.
Blacc Chyna responds to Rob Kardashian complaints
Tobi Gerdes - Dec 18, 2016
Blacc Chyna has responded to videos and messages Rob Kardashian posted about her leaving him.
Oscar whispers for
Adam Widmer - Dec 09, 2016
Actor, Andy Serkis, spoke out about possibly winning an Oscar for playing Caesar in War for the Planet of the Apes.
Madonna speaks out on the 2016 Presidential Election
Billy Kirk - Dec 05, 2016
Madonna spoke with Billboard magazine about the 2016 Presidential Election outcome.
Tomi Lahren gets called out on live TV for all her anger
Carmelo Sheppard - Dec 02, 2016
Trevor skipped any small talk and immediately after the hand shake asked Tomi why she is always so angry.
Greg McLean opens up about
Aaron Sims - Dec 01, 2016
Australian film director and writer, Greg McLean, gave some details about his new movie, The Belko Experiment.
Selena Gomez opens up about hiatus
Billy Kirk - Dec 01, 2016
Gomez ended the show on an inspirational note, gearing her emotional speech towards women especially.
Kanye's mental breakdown may have started off on the Ellen Show
Jason Spencer - Nov 29, 2016
But after his recent medical diagnosis, the rant that left Ellen speechless seems to make more sense now.
Westworld directress breaks down most recent plot turns
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 28, 2016
Westworld directress, Michelle MacLaren, opened up about her recent episode.
Kanye checks himself into a hospital
James Carlin - Nov 25, 2016
Kanye is described to have had a physiological breakdown, the doctor says it is due to stress, anxiety, and pressure.
Broke Lesner to quit WWE
James Smith - Nov 25, 2016
The recent fight between Broke and Goldberg took only two minutes for the three count.
Multiple American stars might expatriate if Trump wins election
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
A number of American actors and media personalities have vowed to leave the States if Donald Trump becomes president.
Adele opens up about battling postpartum depression
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Adele spoke out about her stage fright and postpartum depression.
Miranda Kerr speaks out about Orlando Bloom divorce
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Australian model, Miranda Kerr, opened up about her divorce with actor, Orlando Bloom, in 2013.
Trump has serious concerns about his Saturday Night Live portrayal
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Donald Trump is expressing serious concerns over the way he is portrayed on Saturday Night Live.
Russell Wilson and Ciara announce pregnancy
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Ciara and Russell Wilson have announced that she is pregnant.
Trump refutes sexual harassment claims from porn star
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Donald Trump is refuting claims from Jessica Drake that he sexually harassed her.
Kim Kardashian drops lawsuit against site that alleged robbery was a fraud
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Kim Kardashian West has dropped her lawsuit against
Lady Gaga does not take Madonna comparison lightly
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Madonna accused Gaga of copying her song lyrics.
Trump and Clinton tore at each other at the Al Smith dinner
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
His biggest laugh came when he made fun of his own wife, Melania Trump
Jon Hamm opens up about the loss of his parents
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Actor, Jon Hamm, is opening up about losing both of his parents by the age of 20.
Jim Carrey slams Cathriona White's estranged husband
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
But her estranged husband insists that it was Jim's fault that she died.
Tyga loses memory when asked about his gifts to Kyler
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
In 2012 he bought a $120,000 diamond encrusted watch and chain.
Media mulls over Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 invitees
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Media members have been buzzing about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017.
A video of Miley being groped hit the internet
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
The incident happened when Miley had worn a high-rise leotard leaving little to the imagination.
Goldberg returns to WWE
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
The last time Lesner was physically dominated was 12 years ago by Goldberg.
Trump TV network possibly in the works
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
According to Jared Kushner, he is discussing a Trump branded television network.
Jeremy Morrow - 8 hours ago
Affleck's is simply comfort, and it is highly likely that his wish will be granted. Affleck will be the first actor to write, direct and play the lead role in a Batman movie.
Tobi Gerdes - Jan 13, 2017
Lucasfilm announced that they do not plan to digitally recreate Princess Leia after the passing of Carrie Fisher.
Simon Smith - Jan 13, 2017
Steve Harvey spoke out about meeting with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 10, 2017
According to French law, the suspects can be held in police custody for up to 96 hours before being charged in court.
David Sims - Jan 10, 2017
This is odd because Trump had once said that Streep is one of the best actresses he had ever known only a few years ago.
Sarah Webb - Jan 10, 2017
Hate him or love him, he is one of the most decorated and entertaining wrestling the roaster.
Josh Curlee - Jan 04, 2017
This seems to have been the case when Mariah performed in front of a sold out stadium, and her earpiece failed, and she could not lip-sync anymore.
Tobi Gerdes - Dec 23, 2016
Lucy Hale delivered a message to the person who leaked a topless photo of her.
Aaron Sims - Dec 20, 2016
The tabloids reported if she did not show off her wealth, then the thieves would not know what she had and therefore what to target, blaming her for the attack.
Tyler Henderson - Dec 20, 2016
For a man his size, he is incredibly agile.
Dirk Trudeau - Dec 10, 2016
Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, revealed the truth about his not directing the highly anticipated sequel.
Tracy Williams - Dec 09, 2016
Denzel Washington criticized American media after he was the victim of a fake news story.
Tobi Gerdes - Dec 07, 2016
Dane Cook and Nick Cannon had it out on social media over Cannon wearing a pink turban.
Harry Marcolis - Dec 05, 2016
The 55 inch TV has the same thickness as an ATM and weighs just 2 pounds.
Adam Widmer - Dec 01, 2016
The Evening Standard is being accused of cultural appropriating an odd piece of cultural expression.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 30, 2016
Facebook has introduced instant gaming via HTML5 to keep people hooked to Messenger.
Adam Widmer - Nov 15, 2016
The deal goes a step further and becomes the first script that IMAX has ever funded.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Mila Kunis wrote an op-ed piece on the subject of sexism in Hollywood.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Former Destiny's Child singer, Kelly Rowland, opened up about her busy 2016.
Aaron Sims - Nov 03, 2016
The murder of beloved character, Glenn, was explained as the fault of Walking Dead comic creator, Robert Kirkman.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Madonna responded on social media to a perceived slight from fellow artist, Lady Gaga.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Jude Law admitted that Tom Cruise can hold his breath longer under water.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Adult film star, Jessica Drake, is accusing Donald Trump of unwanted sexual contact.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Actress, Anne Hathaway, said she was pretending to be happy when accepting her Academy Award.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Salma Hayek said that Donald Trump likely defamed her for refusing to date him.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio has been accused of involvement in a Malaysian money scandal.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Filmmaker, Michael Moore, is set to preview a new Donald Trump film in New York City.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
The police were called to the home of Scottie Pippen more than once during his marriage to Larsa Pippen.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
Fitness guru and cultural icon, Richard Simmons, will close the legendary Slimmons Studio in November.
James Smith - Nov 03, 2016
"I love the way you smell like pizza, it drives me crazy wanting a piece of the crust."
Josh Curlee - Oct 12, 2016
The incident happened in a Paris hotel where the robbers ambushed her and tied her up.
Aaron Sims - Oct 12, 2016
Zack Galifianakis spoke about Hillary Clinton and her sense of humor.
Aaron Sims - Oct 12, 2016
Calvin Harris is opening up about his unfortunate feud with Taylor Swift.
Harry Marcolis - Oct 12, 2016
Oprah Winfrey opened up about her new series, Queen Sugar.
Aaron Sims - Oct 12, 2016
Greta Van Susteren quit her role at Fox on Tuesday.
Josh Curlee - Oct 12, 2016
The model claims that Brown got angry and pulled out a gun after she complemented another gentleman's jewelry.
Josh Curlee - Oct 12, 2016
However, unlike previous seasons where people only had to align the series to the book, fans do not have that privilege anymore.
Aaron Sims - Oct 12, 2016
R & B star, Chris Brown was involved in a standoff with SWAT at his home.
Aaron Sims - Oct 12, 2016
Mexican singer songwriter, Juan Gabriel, has died at 66 years of age.
Josh Curlee - Oct 12, 2016
Kanye West was given time to speak at the VMAs, so naturally, there was going to be a supercharged and dramatic atmosphere.
Clint Huston - Aug 14, 2016
Kim Kardashian admitted that she went through the infamed O.J. Simpson Louis Vuitton bag.
Leon Clarke - Aug 14, 2016
Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have been sued over their hit single, "P.I.M.P."
Leon Clarke - Aug 14, 2016
Kenny Chesney apologized to a Pennsylvania police officer for announcing that he had died.
Leon Clarke - Aug 14, 2016
Tobi Gerdes - Aug 14, 2016
Dirk Trudeau - Aug 14, 2016
Gretchen Carlson has filed lawsuits against Steve Doocy and Roger Ailes.